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Twelve Latham Partners Ranked Among Top Lawyers in EMEA

May 1, 2024
MergerLinks recognized the firm’s M&A work across multiple areas including healthcare and life sciences, technology, and antitrust.

MergerLinks, a leading global media and knowledge platform for the broad corporate community, including merger and acquisitions, finance, and other material transactions impacting global commerce, has recognized the firm and 12 partners across Europe for market-leading work across practices.

The firm was ranked highest in eight categories: Legal Advisors in EMEA, Legal Advisors to Private Equity deals in EMEA, Legal Advisors to Life Science deals in EMEA, Legal Advisors to Technology deals in EMEA, Legal Advisors to Software deals in EMEA, Legal Advisors to DeSPAC deals in EMEA, Legal Advisors to Mid Cap deals in EMEA, and Legal Advisors to Mid Cap deals in the UK.

Individually, Latham partners were honored across 12 categories:

Top Private Equity Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Alexander Crosthwaite

Top Healthcare Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Robbie McLaren

Top Financing Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Jayanthi Sadanandan

Top DeSPAC Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Ignacio Gómez-Sancha

Top Antitrust Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Max Hauser 

Top Intellectual Property Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Susan Kempe-Mueller

Top Employment Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Matthias Rubner

Top Mid Cap M&A Lawyers in EMEA:

  • Shing Lo

Top M&A Lawyers in the UK:

  • Simon Tysoe
  • Robbie McLaren 

Top M&A Lawyers in France:

  • Thomas Forschbach

Top M&A Lawyers in Italy:

  • Stefano Sciolla

Top M&A Lawyers in Spain:

  • Ignacio Pallares