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September 25, 2023 Client Alert

UK Proposes Insurer Resolution Regime

The proposals would give the Bank of England wide-ranging powers to deal with acute failure scenarios, treating policyholder liabilities as loss-absorbing.
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September 25, 2023 Client Alert

French HATVP Introduces New Lobbying Guidelines

The French High Authority for Transparency in Public Life aims to clarify the system for lobbyists and provide a more accurate view of lobbying activity, in order to enable further structural changes.
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EU Directive on Representative Actions

The Book of Jargon Series – Word of the Day®

The Book of Jargon® is a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.

Par/Par Value

in Bond land, Par Value is the stated value or face value of a Bond. So if a $1,000 Bond is redeemed at Par, it is redeemed for the full $1,000 (plus accrued Interest up to the redemption date). Bonds are said to be redeemed “above Par” or “below Par” if redeemed for more or less (as applicable) than their Par Value. The term is also used in loan world to describe the stated principal amount of a loan.

Word of the Day®


a treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune system to fight infection and disease. The passive immunization of a person by administration of preformed Antibodies actively produced in another individual.

Word of the Day®

Bleed Off

not just what happens to the oil and gas industry when commodity prices hit rock bottom. The process of slowly Venting fluid from a vessel or system in order to equalize or relieve pressure from the vessel or system, and make the next phase of the operation possible. This process is often used at the end of a high-pressure test / treatment.

Word of the Day®


the main document in a Family (typically a cover email). Children are attached to Parents to comprise a single Document Family.

Word of the Day®

Forum Shopping

the process of selecting the most advantageous forum in which to commence legal proceedings in circumstances in which there is a choice.

Word of the Day®

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FCA Board Focuses on AI
September 13, 2023

FCA Board Focuses on AI

A new publication from the UK’s financial regulator signals to firms that they should take steps to manage risks in the use of AI.

SEC Adopts Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules
July 26, 2023

SEC Adopts Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules

The SEC has adopted new rules requiring companies to provide timely disclosures on Form 8-K and in annual reports about material cybersecurity incidents and risk management strategies.