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The Book of Jargon Series – Word of the Day®

The Book of Jargon® is a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.

Lock Ups

a window of time during which investors are not allowed to redeem or sell shares of a company.

Word of the Day®


suspension (of Arbitration proceedings). Under the ICC Rules the ICC Court may require the payment of administrative expenses as a condition for holding an Arbitration in abeyance. See Stay (of Proceedings or Execution).

Word of the Day®

Block Reward

the Cryptocurrency awarded by a Blockchain network to eligible Miners for each Block they Mine successfully. Better than a hand-knitted Christmas sweater.

Word of the Day®

Minimum Viable Product

a product designed to allow the Startup team to collect a significant amount of validated learning about the product and its development while expending minimum cost and effort.

Word of the Day®


microscopic single-celled organisms. Bacteria can be harmful (causing infection) or beneficial (aiding in decomposition or fermentation) depending on the context.

Word of the Day®

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