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London Partners Identify Key Considerations in Gas Price Review Arbitrations

April 21, 2020
Philip Clifford QC and Oliver Browne publish a chapter with Globe Law and Business about the procedural difficulties parties to gas and LNG pricing arbitrations may need to navigate.

London partners Philip Clifford QC and Oliver Browne have authored a chapter on “Procedural Issues in Gas Price Review Arbitrations” in Globe Law and Business’ Gas and LNG Price Arbitrations 2020 book. The chapter reviews the most common challenges of conducting gas price review arbitrations, including satisfying complex qualifying criteria and navigating multi-tiered procedural steps. While price review provisions can take different forms, the chapter focuses on frequently encountered contract provisions that arise prior to and during arbitration.

The publication covers various aspects of international gas pricing disputes, with contributions from leading international arbitration practitioners and arbitrators in the field, in-house counsel, and industry experts. 

For more information and to purchase the book, click here.