Aerial view of a lush green forest or woodland looking down on the tree tops in a full frame view

Episode 79 — Pro Bono: Rewilding the Scottish Highlands Through Forest Restoration

April 16, 2024
Latham partner Huw Thomas talks with Steve Micklewright, CEO of longtime pro bono client Trees for Life, about its efforts to restore the Scottish Highlands, one of the largest rewilding projects in the UK.

Latham’s recently released 2023 Pro Bono Annual Review highlights our public service initiatives around the world, including our ongoing relationship with Trees for Life. This conservation charity is dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands through the restoration of the Caledonian Forest, which supports wildlife found nowhere else in Britain.

In this episode of Connected with Latham, introduced by Lauren Meyer, Latham’s Pro Bono Managing Attorney — EMEA, London partner Huw Thomas sits down with Steve Micklewright, chief executive of Trees for Life. They discuss how Trees for Life relies on natural capital investment, works with local communities, and, ultimately, creates more resilient ecosystems. Latham is proud to provide free legal services in support one of the largest rewilding projects in the UK.

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