Investing in Our People

August 31, 2022
Latham’s Director of Global Health & Well-Being, Mark Goldberg, and Dr. Lauren Cook, host of The Boardroom Brain podcast, discuss how the firm empowers its lawyers and business professionals to focus proactively on their health.

In this podcast interview, host Dr. Lauren Cook talks to Mark Goldberg, Latham’s director of Global Health & Well-Being, about the growth and success of the firm’s well-being platform, credited in no small part to early recognition from firm leadership — long before it was a focus in the legal industry — that supporting well-being was the right thing to do.

They discuss Latham’s approach to well-being, which involves working with top experts around the world — including medical institutions, doctors, and psychologists — to create resources that are highly customized to the legal environment. From 24/7 well-being support and Johns Hopkins-managed onsite health clinics to resiliency programs and mental health training for supervisors, these resources are designed to make it easier for lawyers and business professionals to engage in their health — and also help normalize conversations around mental health and the importance of self-care.

“There are different ways to take care of yourself even when you're a super busy attorney, to incorporate well-being into your life. We offer a variety of resources so that when people need them, and they're ready for them, they're there,” says Goldberg. 

Underscoring Latham’s commitment to this work, he adds: “Helping people happens one individual at a time, whether it's the person who finally took that physical therapy prescription and went to our onsite clinic, or someone who did a session with one of our CareConnect counselors, or a colleague who came to a resilience presentation and left with one takeaway that they're incorporating into their day. There are big wins and little ones, and they're all important.”