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False Claims Act Resource Center

While every False Claims Act case is unique, defendants facing False Claims Act litigation regularly confront similar issues and have the same questions. Familiarity with how others have responded under analogous circumstances is a useful tool to planning an effective response strategy. The Latham & Watkins False Claims Act Resource Center provides a collection of materials essential to formulating an effective response to a False Claims Act investigation or lawsuit.

Key Resources

The Resource Center contains key documents involved in litigating and resolving a False Claims Act matter. Available materials include:


Consolidated Cases

Compilation of documents (Complaints, Briefs, Press, and Case Resolution Documents) organized by case, along with a summary of the case itself.


False Claims Act complaints and parallel indictments where applicable.

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Government Statements of Interest and Key District Court & Appellate Briefs

Department of Justice statements of interest and parties’ briefs addressing key False Claims Act arguments and issues; as well as the relevant court rulings.

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Press Releases & Media Coverage

Press releases issued by the Department of Justice and defendants, as well as national media coverage.

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Settlement Agreements & Other Case Resolution Documents

Settlement agreements, trial judgments, corporate integrity agreements, cold comfort letters, deterred prosecution agreements and other case resolution documents.