The White House South Portico from the ground up.

The White House

As the White House plays a unique role as the head of the Executive Branch, effective engagement with the White House requires a keen understanding of how the White House:

  • Functions internally, in terms of the roles and responsibilities of the Offices of the White House Chief of Staff, the Domestic Policy Council, Legislative Affairs, Communications, National Security Advisor, the Office of the White House Counsel, the Office of Management and Budget, among others
  • Sets policy and coordinates its implementation with Executive Branch agencies
  • Interacts with Executive Branch agencies on regulatory, enforcement, and operational matters 

Latham has a deep understanding of how the White House works, as the firm includes former senior White House officials who worked in both legal and policy roles, and advised on a wide range of issues within the White House. With this experience, Latham can provide clients with substantive advice on how to navigate the White House and the Executive Branch to effectively advocate for their interests.