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Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Clients in the communications industry turn to Latham & Watkins for its unique combination of regulatory, transactional, and litigation prowess, including effective representation before the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and in the federal courts. The firm represents clients on all aspects of federal communications law and its intersection with business, from regulatory and strategic matters to M&A and capital markets transactions to civil and patent litigation and appellate work. 

Latham’s FCC toolbox for clients includes:

  • Advising on and securing regulatory approvals for some of the most difficult and high-stakes transactions in the telecommunications and media sectors
  • Playing a lead role in rulemaking proceedings addressing the most consequential matters facing the industry
  • Representing clients in connection with spectrum allocation, licensing, and service rule issues, including client participation in multi-billion dollar spectrum auctions
  • Providing counsel to non-communications companies with industry-related needs, including private equity firms, venture capital funds, banks, and other institutions that invest in, and lend to, communications companies

Latham's communications clients include cable operators, satellite firms, wireline and wireless carriers, broadcasters, content providers, and equipment manufacturers. The firm also regularly provides strategic advice on the creation of new telecom and internet-based businesses. Latham lawyers draw on their tremendous industry and US government experience, as well as their invaluable insights into the strategic objectives and commercial realities facing communications businesses.